Generally, the carrying of firearms is prohibited in the State of Tennessee.  Tennessee does afford its citizens the right to lawfully carry handguns on their person once they meet the qualifications under Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1351.  Information about lawful carry of firearms in the State of Tennessee can be found at https://www.tn.gov/safety/handgunmain.html.  Additionally, if you have been charged with a even a misdemeanor crime in Tennessee you can lose your handgun permit.  There are restrictions on where a person with a handgun permit can lawfully carry their firearm.  Be sure to check all local laws and restrictions first.  

     Notwithstanding the foregoing, persons in Tennessee may not carry a firearm on their person in public.  Obviously, the State of Tennessee prohibits a variety of weapons that unlawful to own or possess.  Short-barreled shotguns and rifles, explosives, silencers and sound suppressors in most situations.  Additionally, clubs and knives are governed under certain laws in the State of Tennessee and can be prohibited in certain situations.  

     Convicted felons and persons with convictions for domestic assault are prevented from owning and possessing firearms as well.  Obviously, possession of a weapon when charged with a DUI is a separate offense.  In addition, possession of a weapon while in possession of marijuana or other drugs can either enhance the crime or be a separate felony charge.   

     Like so many other crimes, weapons crimes are factually dependent and can be addressed through the proper representation and defenses presented.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a weapons crime call today for your free consultation.


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