Being charged with a Sexual Crime carries an immediate stigmata.  Many people forget that you are innocent until proven guilty when you have been charged with a Sex Crime.  Just being charged with a crime of a sexual nature can have many detrimental affects on your life immediately and long before you have a chance to defend yourself in court.  If you have been asked to even come for an interview with the police relating to a sex crime you need to contact an attorney immediately.  Make sure that you are represented from the onset in these types of cases.  Every aspect of your life will be affected by the allegation itself and you need to be represented by a lawyer who understands these cases intimately.

Sex Crimes in Tennessee include:

  • Sexual Battery

  • Sexting

  • Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure

  • Aggravated Sexual Battery

  • Statutory Rape

  • Rape

  • Rape of a Child

  • Incest

  • Offensive Touching

     There are defenses to each of theses allegations and retaining an experienced attorney in these matters is essential.  The sad truth is that simply because you have been charged with a sex crime most people will assume you did it until you prove otherwise in a court of law.  Prosecutors and even judges err on the side of caution when handling these cases.  Take a proactive approach if you have been charged with a sex crime and call today for your FREE CONSULTATION.  

     From the beginning of his career Mr. Howard has been defending the rights of those accused of sex crimes.  Often, due to the nature of these allegations, clients find themselves with no choice but to defend themselves to a jury.  Mr. Howard has defended these cases to juries for 15 years.  


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