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  • Simple/Felony Possession Methamphetamine

  • Simple/Felony Possession Hydrocodone

  • Sale, Manufacture, Trafficking 


     If you are caught with drugs in Tennessee, depending on the circumstances {how much and what drugs} you can be charged with a variety of offenses.  Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-417  and Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-425 defines the numerous drug offenses and penalties prescribed for each offense.  Those charges can range from Simple Possession, Simple Possession with Intent to Sale, Felony Possession with Intent and Drug Trafficking and Manufacturing.  These offenses can range from Misdemeanor to serious Felony convictions.

     The penalties for each of these charges can range from no jail time to incarceration for many years depending on the type and amount of drugs.  Tennessee identifies illegal drugs by schedule.  These classifications are based on the drugs level of danger to the user and the public and the higher risk of addiction and death.  Heroin, for example, is a Schedule I drug and carries the most severe penalties.  Marijuana, which is still not legal in Tennessee, is a Schedule XI drug and generally considered the least harmful.  However, even convictions for Marijuana can carry substantial jail time depending on the amount of marijuana in your possession and the facts of the case.  

    Another consideration is the opioid crises in Tennessee.  In 2017 there 1,279 overdose deaths in Tennessee associated with opioid use.  In reaction to the rising crises Tennessee has taken a hard-line stance against persons arrested and convicted of opioid use or sale.  Punishments and incarceration can be substantial if convicted.  Today's courts system has seen a sharp increase in the number of people being charged with Possession of Hydrocodone, Possession of Benzodiazapines, Possession of Legend Drugs and Possession of other prescription medications. 

     Every arrest for any drug crime in Tennessee is extremely factually based and should therefore be reviewed by a qualified attorney experienced in handling these matters  to advise and advocate for you with the police and the prosecutors.  Do not enter a plea before consulting Mr. Howard on these charges.

     Some of the most common cases Mr. Howard handles are Simple Possession of Marijuana which is a Schedule XI drug classification.  He is extensively familiar with the nuances of a successful defense of all Marijuana cases including but not limited to trafficking and sale of marijuana.  

     In 2018 Mr. Howard represented a client in a 3 day jury trial for sale of 10 pounds of Methamphetamine in the Circuit Court of Rutherford County, Tennessee.  If you have been charged with one of these crimes call today to see if you can put Mr. Howard's experience, skill and knowledge to work as your lawyer.

     Because each case is so different Mr. Howard takes the time to sit down with you and discuss each essential fact of your case.  Armed with the specific knowledge of your case and his 15 years of experience in criminal courts Mr. Howard can then present your side of the case to the Police and the Prosecutors.  Whether you wish to resolve your case short of trial through a plea agreement or take your case to a jury trial Mr. Howard is the lawyer you want to represent you and your interests.


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