Domestic Assault charges are increasingly more common in today's society.  Not because of an increase in the number of actual assaults but because Police are more and more involved in domestic altercations.  If the police are called to your residence because of an argument it is likely that someone will be arrested.  Police officers have very little discretion in these particular situations. Once Police officers arrive they have to decide who the most likely aggressor was in the argument and then arrest that person. 


     Once arrested for Domestic Assault you are immediately held for a 12 hour "Cooling Off" period.  Then you may not be allowed to return to your home until the case has been resolved.  Or, you may be allowed to return for a few minutes to retrieve enough of your personal items to last you for a few days.  Depending on the facts of your situation and whether or not anyone was injured you can be charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Assault to Felony Aggravated Domestic Assault.  Other charges frequently seen with Domestic Assault are Preventing 911 Call, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Trespass and Vandalism.

     In addition to the "Cooling Off" period there are significant other penalties that can result from your conviction for Domestic Assault.  If you are convicted of Domestic Assault you can lose your Handgun Permit and your right to own or possess firearms.  You may also be ordered to attend Anger Management Classes, Batterer's Intervention Classes and complete Mental Health or Drug and Alcohol Assessments and follow any recommendations.

     Today's Domestic Assault law in Tennessee provides that a person can be charged with Domestic Assault if they are roommates, boyfriend or girlfriend, Husband and Wife,  or Parent and Child.  Whether your domestic assault case involves drugs, alcohol, divorce, DUI, or violence you need experienced counsel every step of the way 

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