No doubt that going through a divorce can be the most stressful part of your life.  Everything from your finances, your home, your life, your children and your property feel like they are on the auction block.  The process can overwhelming for sure.  Emotions can run high and patience very short for the parties.  Sit down and talk to a divorce lawyer that you trust.  Make a list of questions to ask the lawyer when you meet.

     Whether it is a Contested or Uncontested Divorce put Mr. Howard's years of experience to work for you.  Obviously, the best situation is where both parties have agreed to the terms of the divorce and and ask us to draw the paperwork and walk them through the legal system.  Those types of cases are truly considered uncontested divorce.

     Contested divorces on the other hand are situations where the parties may have reached an agreement on some of the terms but not all.  If there is any issue that cannot be agreed upon by the parties' it then becomes a contested divorce.  The issues that can be attributed to a contested divorce are too numerous to name.  A few examples are the marital residence, the equity in the marital residence, checking accounts, businesses owned by one or both of the parties', vehicles, retirement plans, stocks, bonds and other assets of the marriage.  Add children into the mix then contested divorces become even more difficult for the parties'.  

     Mr. Howard has years of experience handling divorce matters from simple uncontested to complex multifaceted divorces.  He understands that emotions run high and provides the support and knowledge to guide you through the divorce process and assist you in every step.

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