Child Support in the State of Tennessee is calculated by the Tennessee Income Shares worksheet that must be filed with any divorce that has children involved.  Child Support is calculated by inputting the income of both parties into the worksheet.  Then the number of days the child will spend with each parent during the year.  Other costs are also applied to the worksheets such as insurance coverage for the child[ren] and daycare costs.  The income shares worksheet will then produce the Basic Child Support Obligation.  

     For more information on the Child Support Guidelines and worksheets you can follow this link:

     One area of Child Support is when people find themselves in situations where their child support payments need to be modified.  The reason to modify child support payments can be as varied as the individual situations allow.  Sometimes a party needs to change their child support payments to lower them because they have been out of work or changed jobs. Sometimes a party needs to change the amount of Child Support payments because the other party is making more money.       

     Child support in Tennessee is subject to modification even after the divorce has been finalized.  There are certain criteria that a party seeking to modify child support must meet for the court to grant the relief sought.  If you need help with child support modification call today for your free consultation.


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